So, what does Kopi Thyme mean?

The definition

The name Kopi Thyme was chosen as the grandparents of both founding families have owned a Kopitiam. Kopi Thyme is a play on the words of "Kopitiam," a local dialect of coffee shops/cafes in Malaysia and Singapore. Kopitiams serve familiar comfort food in an old school with a quaint ambience and rustic interior.

Pronunciation: kɒpɪˌtiːəm

Hyphenation: ko | pi | tiam

NOUN South East Asian
A traditional coffee shop/house/eatery mostly serving affordable Southeast Asian meals with refreshments, such as coffee.

Origin: "Kopi tiam" is a traditional coffee shop mostly found in Southeast Asia. The word "kopitam" is a portmanteau of the word "kopi", which is a Malay word for coffee (borrowed and altered from the Portuguese) and "tiam," which means shop (店; POJ: tiàm) in the Hokkien dialect.

Passion + Food Science

“Kopi Thyme” is a saucery that allows busy working individuals to enjoy authentic flavours as though they were in Southeast Asia.

Tying in nostalgia and comfort food

For many Malaysians and Singaporeans, a Kopitiam is more than just a coffee shop; it is also a space that serves up their comfort food. Kopitiam means a special bonding or nostalgic memory for those far from home.

Sara and Tao Yee's grandparents owned a Kopitiam. This adds a deeper connection to their roots and upbringing. With that sentiment, the duo wants to bring flavours of their childhood, share them with fellow Southeast Asians living abroad, and introduce them to those interested in trying new flavours.

Of course, both of them also enjoy coffee (kopi)! Sara and Tao Yee want to invite you to have a good time with comfort food made with Kopi Thyme. ☕️

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