• Convenient & Versatile

    Love food, but hate fuss? Kopi Thyme has you covered. Just use a spoonful of Kopi Thyme to cook, dip or marinate, and deliciousness is guaranteed!

  • Authentic yet Innovative

    Experience tastes of Southeast Asia with nostalgic flavours taking you back to our heritage. Our creative methods layer and showcases the complex flavours.

  • All Natural Ingredients

    Made with traditional flavours, using only natural ingredients to ensure freshness. Each batch is crafted with care, providing a high quality product.

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Flavours Inspired by Traditional Heritage

Preparing authentic Southeast Asian flavours from scratch is time consuming. We believe everyone should have easy access to these delicacies from our homes. After years of experimenting, we are proud to bring you flavours inspired from our traditional heritage, in bottles of love, to your home.

Hey Siri, what is Kopi Thyme?

The name Kopi Thyme was chosen as the grandparents of both founding families have owned a Kopitiam. Kopi Thyme is a play on the words of "Kopitiam," a local dialect of coffee shops/cafes in Malaysia and Singapore. Kopitiams serve familiar comfort food in an old school with a quaint ambience and rustic interior.

Pronunciation: kɒpɪˌtiːəm

Hyphenation: ko | pi | tiam

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founder-sara-tang-taoyee-lim_2f6c4fc9-15a1-4343-a8d8-859bf0cadef1 - Kopi Thyme

Humans of Kopi Thyme

Kopi Thyme was influenced by the shared joy of two friends (Sara Tang & Tao Yee Lim) experimenting in the kitchen together over weekends to bring cravings to life. This made them recognize that as working individuals, cooking every day was an extremely time-consuming task.

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