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How to Kopi Thyme

Signature Malaysian Fusion Stir Fry

Kam Heong (金香) literally translates as golden fragrance in Cantonese dialect. Using stir-frying technique that refers to the method of cooking which imparts the fragrance Kam Heong is renowned for. By incorporating a variety of ingredients with various flavour profiles, making this dish so mouth-watering. 

Kam Heong is known as a popular stir fry dish that is the best representation of the melting pot of cultures Malaysia is known for. The complexity of the sauce is evident as it combines Chinese, Malay and Indian flavours.

The ingredients used includes aromatic curry leaves, crispy dried shrimps bits, savoury curry powder, shallots, garlic and soy bean paste. The intricacy of the flavours create such a great base of flavours that can be versatile and altered to suit your taste. Components that one would never think of  putting together to create such a fusion of texture and taste.

Commonly made at restaurants with clams, crab or tossed in fried chicken. It's found to be used with more stir fry dishes and even fried noodles over the years. Basically an endless possibility of incorporating this signature Malaysian fusion stir fry sauce. 

Here at Kopi Thyme, we love this sauce as it not only think smell incredibly aromatic, marriage of notes of flavours are never seen before and it is the best representation to Malaysia's diversity of cultures.  

Both Sara and Tao Yee love enjoying a seafood dish, made with Kam Heong. It brings back fond memories when they are out with their family enjoying a feast by the beach at a seafood restaurant.

Tao Yee loves enjoying with squid or fried chicken whereas Sara enjoys it with clams or crab.



Here's how we like to enjoy Kam Heong.

Now you can enjoy it too and have fun making dishes with this sauce right at home!

In just simple steps!

Step 1. Heat Kam Heong:

In a pan or wok, heat up desired amount of Kopi Thyme's Kam Heong. Add in more aromatics and chilli/birds eye chilli to add more heat to the dish.

Step 2. Add in:

A. Desired protein such as:

Seafood such as clams, crab, lobster, fish or squid.

Stir fried with chicken, pork or tofu.

Alternately great with fried chicken or fried fish whole or battered fillets.




B. Vegetables such as:

Choose desired vegetables of liking.

 Suggested vegetables, commonly made with Kam Heong:

  • long beans
  • eggplant/brinjal/aubergine 
  • okra/ladies finger/bindhi 
  • stink bean/bitter bean/petai/sator




C. Carbs

Make it as:

  • fried noodles
  • fried rice


Enjoy! Jom Makan!


Different Ways to Enjoy Kam Heong

Kam Heong Clams:



Fried Chicken with Kam Heong:


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