The Kopi Thyme Way

Why we do what we do

Each of our sauces represents a regional comfort food that is significant to us. We want to showcase and introduce them to people who don't know them yet.

While bringing the convenience (so you don't have to make it from scratch!), we also want to see creative takes from you on our favourite cuisine.

By combining our passion and our food science background, we want you to fall in love with making Southeast Asian dishes, in your own way, from the comfort of your home.

Our vision

Embracing our Southeast Asian roots by showcasing them in fun, quick and easy ways. Our products are crafted with decades of experience and precision. With recipes rooted in our family traditions, you can expect authentic flavors and quality ingredients. Get the taste of history with every bite!

Ensuring only natural ingredients of the highest quality with no artificial preservatives, flavours, or colours. With a focus on R&D and using the latest technologies, we strive to bring nothing but the best. Get authentic flavours with natural ingredients that you can trust.

Say goodbye to food waste. Creating Southeast Asian dishes from scratch requires numerous components. It can be a wasteful process, with unused ingredients left over you don't know how to use. Creating a solution, all you need is one ingredient, Kopi Thyme!

We think cooking should be fun. Our sauces make cooking exciting and easy - the perfect way to enjoy time in the kitchen!

Kopi Thyme's sauces embody the 3C's:
Creative - explore different cooking and discover new tastes in a fun and easy way.
Convenient - just minutes to prepare delicious meals, giving you more time for the things you love.
Customisable - Customise it your way - tailor it to your liking, adjust it until it's just right.


    Bringing flavours from our roots to the comfort of your home.


    Unlock your inner culinary master and have fun with just a few ingredients.


    Authentic tastes that will tantalize your taste buds and make you go, "oh, so good!"

Core values

"Ay - Be - Qute" are values that Kopi Thyme implements in everything we do.

Pun non-intended. We always love anything cute 🧡

  • Authentic

    Keeping traditional home cooking methods in mind, using family recipes that have been passed down from generations. So you can experience an authentic taste in every bite.

  • Bold

    When it comes to flavour, we don't take shortcuts. We take bold actions to bring you bold flavours. We go the extra mile to ensure it is represented in our sauces.

  • Quality

    Our products are sourced from high-quality ingredients, make custom spice blends and use natural ingredients. Resulting in deliciously vibrant fresh flavours.

  • Our story

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  • What does it mean?

    Here we explain how we came about the name and the back story.

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  • Meet the team

    Get to know the humans of the sauce-o-logy team!

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