Sauce Set of 7 - Mix and Match

Discover the perfect combination of flavour, savings, and convenience with this sauces set!

Enjoy deliciousness for yourself or with friends and family, experience Kopi Thyme with this amazing offer - when you shop more, you save more! Create a unique bundle of delicious Kopi Thyme sauces tailored to your own taste - it's easy and satisfying! So start your journey of flavourful discovery now by creating your perfect sauce set now!

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Kopi Thyme

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Build a personalized selection using Kopi Thyme sauces to suit your individual needs.

Select from 1 to 7 sauce(s) and create a set of 7.

Please select which 4 sauces in the drop down menu above.

These are the options of sauces you can select from:

*click on the sauces for more information
bun-bo-hue-bundle-of-7-mix-and-match   ipoh-laksa-bundle-of-7-mix-and-match  kari-ayam-bundle-of-7-mix-and-match  kam-heong-bundle-of-7-mix-and-match
prawn-curry-bundle-of-7-mix-and-match   sayur-lodeh-bundle-of-7-mix-and-match  uop-sa-noung-bundle-of-7-mix-and-match

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Gifting Kopi Thyme sauces to your loved ones? Pack with our cute bag(s)!

One gift bag fits 1-4 jars.

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250 mL

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rani Krish
Love this jars of flavour.

This instant spice mix brings back memories of food back home. This has taken the hardwork and jam packed into this bottle of deliciousness.I have used them to add a kick of flavour into my stir fry, noodles soups and also as marinates. Thank you. Great gift idea. Below is one example of

Kee Heng Tiow
Like home made sauces

Good mix of different sauces. Remind me of home made sauce in South East Asia! Love the Lemongrass and Kam Heong!

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