Customized Sauce Set of 3

Discover the perfect gift with Kopi Thyme's personalized sauce set! Express your care with a selection of creative, flavourful sauces that'll show your special someone just how much you appreciate them. Give the gift of flavor and joy today!

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Kopi Thyme

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Create an exact flavour profile each time with our customisable gift set of Kopi Thyme sauces.

Customize a gift option with 3 sauces of your choice.
Comes ready packaged in a Giftable Box, while stocks last!

Please select which 3 sauces in the drop down menu above.

These are the options of sauces you can select from:

*click on the sauces for more information
bun-bo-hue-gift-set-of-3-mix-and-match   ipoh-laksa-gift-set-of-3-mix-and-match  kari-ayam-gift-set-of-3-mix-and-match  kam-heong-gift-set-of-3-mix-and-match
prawn-curry-gift-set-of-3-mix-and-match   sayur-lodeh-gift-set-of-3-mix-and-match  uop-sa-noung-gift-set-of-3-mix-and-match


250 mL

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Customer Reviews

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Beautifully packaged perfect gift.

I bought this for myself because they gift are a better deal- but definitely perfect for gifts! I found Kopi Thyme sauce to be very authentic, they remind me of my childhood in Indonesia. I mainly use them for marinade and soup. I particularly love the Sayur Lodeh as chicken marinade, they remind me of how my mom would make Ayam Goreng Kuning.

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