Sauce set of 4 - Mix and Match

Create an assorted sauce set with all your favourite Kopi Thyme sauces!

Perfect for a family dinner, small gathering, or even a picnic, our assorted sauce bundle will bring unique and delicious accents to your meals. Enjoy the freshness and satisfaction of cooking with quality ingredients, tasting each nuance as you share your delectable creations with your friends and family.

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Kopi Thyme

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*Please note any bundles with Ipoh Laksa(original) and Uop Sa Nuong selected won't be fulfilled until it is in stock.


Build a personalized selection using Kopi Thyme sauces to suit your individual needs.

Select from 1 to 7 sauce(s) and create a set of 4.

Please select which 4 sauces in the drop down menu above.

These are the options of sauces you can select from:

*click on the sauces for more information
bun-bo-hue-bundle-of-4-mix-and-match   ipoh-laksa-bundle-of-4-mix-and-match  kari-ayam-bundle-of-4-mix-and-match  kam-heong-bundle-of-4-mix-and-match
prawn-curry-bundle-of-4-mix-and-match   sayur-lodeh-bundle-of-4-mix-and-match  uop-sa-noung-bundle-of-4-mix-and-match


250 mL

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Great products & customer service.

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