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This dish has a funny story behind it. Although it is originally Malaysian, it is known as Indonesian Curry Prawn when you order it anywhere in Malaysia. Why, you may ask? No one really knows. Some say it is due to the type of spices used, but since we are overachievers, we’re still on the hunt to find the origin of this dish. 

This here is Sara's family recipe for the creamy curry prawn paste, developed by her parents. This was her favourite dish growing up, and she would devour it. In her hometown, Johor Bahru, this is a dish that she gets without fail. It's served in a clay pot to keep it warm.

Sara enjoys eating the curry with fried mantao (a steamed white bun) as it soaks up every bit of the sweetness and creaminess, leaving nothing behind. Sara also loves the curry dredged over fried bee hoon (fried rice vermicelli).

Tao Yee always enjoyed coming over to Sara's place to enjoy this dish, as she loves it just as much. Growing up, this dish was served on special occasions, making it a beloved dish to look forward to.

Whole prawns (with head and shelled) impart an immense umami flavour to the dish.


Discover your new favourite curry!

Now, with Kopi Thyme this is made possible in 2 simple steps!

Step 1. Make Curry:

All you need is Kopi Thyme's Prawn Curry, heat it up on medium heat for 1 minute with sliced onions.  Add evaporated milk and water.

*Option to add more heat by aromatising chilli/birds eye chilli.

Tip: make sure heat is at medium when cooking with evaporated milk, curdling will occur if not. So gentle boil is recommended. 

Step 2. Add Shrimp/Prawns:

Tips: Best flavour to this dish is using shrimp/prawns with shell and head. 
*Option to add any other seafood of choice such as squid, crab or even meat!


Best way to pair it:

  • Rice
  • Bread
  • Fried noodles, especially fried bee hoon/pancit bihon
  • Fried mantao (fried plain steam buns)


Enjoy! Jom makan! 


Different Ways to Enjoy Prawn Curry

In a Claypot with Rice:



In a Claypot with Bread:




Prawn Curry with Fried Mantao (Steamed Plain Buns):



Bee Hoon Goreng/Pancit Bihon with Prawn Curry:



Using Squid:


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